Simple. Affordable. High Quality.
Love Letter Package

5 Hours Videography Coverage

1 Lead Videographer

30 Second Teaser

1 Song Selection

3+ Minute Highlight Film

Big Day Package

7 Hours Videography Coverage

1 Lead Videographer

1 Minute Teaser

2 Song Selection

5+ Minute Highlight Film

Forever & Ever Package

9 Hours Videography Coverage

1 Lead Videographer

1 Minute Teaser

2 Song Selection

8+ Minute Highlight Film

Raw Footage



Raw Footage

Everything shot from beginning to end. Unedited. All files are transferred on an external hard drive, which we provide, for free, for you to keep forever.

Aerial Drone Coverage

Add this to your package and let us capture high flying jaw dropping epic aerial shots for your wedding film. It makes your wedding films much cooler. (limited availblity)

Full Ceremony Edit

In addition to your highlight film, we will edit your entire ceremony up to 30 minutes. For ceremonies 30+ minutes please add an additional $100.

3rd Camera Option

We always shoot with two cameras. having a third camera will add a third angle to your ceremony reception. A great option if a 2nd shooter is out of budget.

2nd Shooter Option

Need a 2nd videographer? No Problem. We can provide a 2nd videographer for you at an hourly rate. Minimum of 4 Hours.




Need us to make some changes? This option allows you to make up to 5 changes to your film. Contact us for more information.


How long do wedding films usually take to complete? 

Average turnaround time is 90 days.  Our turnaround time is quicker than most! The quality of our films is top priority. There are many layers that your film must go through to achieve that really gorgeous cinematic look. We work fast, but we also want your film to look amazing! 


Do you require a deposit to book a wedding?

Yes. We are currently doing only $150 Deposit on all package to secure your date.(Usually its 50% of the total due.) 

When is the total remaining balance due?

Due date is the day before your wedding. Entire balance must be paid in full before we can provide any services. 


Do you do photography as well?

We have plans for early 2019. Look out for updates on site soon!


Do you travel out of state for such events?

Yes. As long as any travel expenses are covered by the person(s), group, or corp. that hires Maxx Wedding Films


How far out do you travel before any travel expenses are added?

60 miles outside the DFW area. Anything over the 60-mile mark will require a mileage rate of $0.55 a Mile.


How many cameras do you shoot with?

All of our weddings are shot with two cameras. A third camera or second shooter is available for additional rate.

How are your rates so low and manage to produce quality work?

Its our little secret. Shhhhh.....